Employment Services

Support Work Independence (SWI)

Support Work Independence is a program that assists individuals with the most significant disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment in integrated settings by providing extended services.

It is for people who are currently on the Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) waiting list, are eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services, and are able to maintain employment with a minimum level of support.

Community Service Brokers (CSB)

Community Service Brokers are used to provide oversight and coordination with a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor and a Supported Employment provider or job coach.

The CSB will assist with applying to VR and support the process of finding employment. Part of this process is working with a Supported Employment provider. This team assists with job placement and if needed, provide job coaching. The CSB will coordinate all of these services. The CSB will participate in the initial vocational discovery and profile, assist with natural supports, assist with work incentives such as Impairment Related Work Expenses, A Plan for Achieving Self-Support, Supplemental Security Income, etc., and assist with Employment Personal Assistance Service application and/or other services as needed. In addition, the CSB helps problem solve challenges that threaten a client’s employment success and attends meetings with the client as needed with VR and SE providers.

Employment Personal Assistance Service (EPAS)

EPAS is a Medicaid service for people with disabilities who work. EPAS provides personal assistance to help maintain a job. A person must have a disability, receive Medicaid, have an job in an integrated and competitive setting, work at least 10 hours a week and need personal care to work.