Employment Services

Supported Employment

Provides ongoing one-on-one supports to a person in their efforts to obtain, maintain, and advance in competitive employment in integrated work settings. Employment can be on a full or part time basis, during traditional or nontraditional workdays, and in settings where the person is afforded the opportunity to work with others, the majority of whom are without disabilities.

Employment Personal Assistance Service (EPAS)

EPAS is a Medicaid service for people with disabilities who work. EPAS provides personal assistance to help maintain a job. A person must have a disability, receive Medicaid, have an job in an integrated and competitive setting, work at least 10 hours a week and need personal care to work.

Brain injury can leave an individual with a number of persistent impairments that interfere with finding and keeping a job.
 These problems may be:
  • Cognitive - Difficulties with attention, memory, communication,reasoning, and problem-solving. 
  • Physical - Weakness or lack of coordination in arms or legs, impaired vision, fatigue, sleep problems. 
  • Emotional- Vulnerability to depression, difficulty controlling anger or anxiety.
  • Behavioral - Being impulsive, difficulty initiating or sustaining behavior.

Depending on the needs of the individual, a variety of employment supports are available. We begin with a thorough assessment to determine the job seeker’s abilities and interests. We then train them on the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment in their field of interest. We also contact employers on the person’s behalf to find or create openings and arrange interviews. After placement, we assist the person to learn job requirements and adjust to the new workplace.