Host Home

Host Home Support (HHS) is a great alternative to placing individuals in a group home. Individuals who choose to live in a Host Home will be placed in a home-like setting in a certified home with a trained family that offers support, supervision, training and assistance for adults.

We connect adults with disabilities to those willing to support them in a secure and loving environment where they can learn and grow.

Because the Host Home is a long-term placement, we ensure that each person is matched with a qualified family well-suited to meet his/her needs.

We offer a high standard of support to the individual, Host Home, and others who may be involved.

We strive to develop, implement, and maintain a positive and cohesive team that will optimally benefit the individual with disability.

Host Home Services give adults an opportunity to enhance their ability to live as independently as possible and fully participate in a community setting of their choosing, and to avoid isolation in their homes and communities.

For more information about this service, or if you are interested in becoming a host home Contact Us