Supported Living

Provides one-on-one support, supervision, training and assistance for people to live as independently as possible. This service is available to those who live alone in their own homes, with roommates, a spouse or for adults who live with their parents.

Brain injury has a very unpredictable course of recovery. Many factors contribute to the ultimate outcome, such as:

  • Pre-morbid personality (who they were before)
  • Goal direction of the person
  • Length of coma
  • Areas of the brain or brain stem damaged
  • Family support
  • Age at which the injury occurs
  • Emergency medical services
  • Funding to provide specialized rehabilitation services

Supported Living activities are prioritized based upon the person's assessed needs but always include:

  • Maintenance of the person’s health and safety
  • Medication observation and recording
  • Advocacy
  • Communication
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Transportation to access community activities and shopping
  • Keeping track of money and bills

This service also includes indirect services such as socialization, self-help and adaptive/compensatory skills development necessary to reside successfully in the community.

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